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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Leasing Specialists

Having hosted multinational and diplomatic clients over the years and a managed portfolio across prime areas of KL, we understand the needs of corporate clients can be intensive to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for their valued employees and C-Suite.

At Elmwood, we undertake a full scope of services from initial home search to freight transit and school searches so that when our client’s employees hit the ground, they do so as smoothly as possible.

With a large portfolio of properties within each development, we are able to provide consistency of accommodation allowing our clients to manage their budgets and staff expectations. Furthermore, we ensure internal operating procedures are met and that the homes of our client’s are maintained to the highest standard.

Tenancy Management Experts

Being a market leader in investment property management since 2009, at Elmwood we ensure that property investments are just as easily manageable as the stocks, shares and banking products managed from the comfort of a computer screen.

Our highly experienced team of technical, finance and customer experts provide a fully comprehensive management solution for residential and commercial property whether for a first-time investor, established private investor or an institution with multiple assets across the sector.

Our full scope of service ensures that the hard work is done, and our clients are free to enjoy their investment experience. 

We manage over MYR 450 Million of personal assets for our clients, through our unique online platform, ensure our clients have all the information they need, wherever they are in the world.

Employee Relocation

Whether it’s to house employees, or a relocation agent looking for a partner to take care of housing requirements of multinational clients, we at Elmwood are here to take the pressure off.

Working with major corporations, embassies and relocation companies over the years; we understand that each company has its own requirements, often in line with global practice, and that delivery of these requirements is non-negotiable.

Elmwood will work with you to ensure not only a safe, enjoyable environment but can ensure businesses benefit from centralised management of your accommodation needs. This includes single point access to support, monthly financial reporting as well as routine inspections and maintenance.

Speak to us today and learn how you can relieve the pressures of the moving parts of providing homes.

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